About Reserve Foods


Our company, Reserve Foods, was founded as a direct reaction to the crises constantly brewing in our world. Man-made and natural disasters alike threaten to change our way of life. None of us want such chaos to occur, but if it does, we all want to be prepared. We realize that our products, though tailored toward emergency preparation, are also perfect for outdoor enthusiasts as well. Here is how we continue to service our customers:

  • We stock and ship the highest quality freeze-dried and dehydrated foods available.

  • Make your selections based on taste preference, convenience and/or longevity. Our menu items are numerous and mouthwatering. Conveniently sized foil packages are available for those looking to climb Pike’s Peak or backpack along the Appalachian Trail. For homebound disaster preparedness, we offer food packed inside #10 or #2 ½ cans that will last for 5-15 years in storage. Large or small cans can be resealed with plastic covers that require no refrigeration.

  • This is real food – so we recommend that you not store it in the garage. Store your Reserve Foods in a cool, dry area of your home until you are ready to rehydrate your foods.

  • To order, simply select the variety of food you’d like shipped to you, and we’ll quickly send you your supply.

It takes just a few minutes to ensure you and your family will never go hungry.

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